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Context Menu Extension DLL Product Information

To introduce Context Menu Extension DLL, we are offering a special promotion! Only $69 U.S. for the full version until January 18, 2019! Click here to order now!

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Context Menu Extension DLL Overview:

The Context Menu Extension DLL is a easiest way to add Windows Explorer context menu extension (like WinZip) into your own application. This menu will appear every time users click right mouse button over file(s) or folder(s) inside Windows Explorer window (or another file-manager (e.g. Windows Commander or Total Commander), which supports standard shell menu). This DLL was created as response to multiply questions in developers newsgroups.
Every week we read questions something like How to add my context menu extension like WinZip?.
This is very difficult topic, which requires explanations how works Windows Shell and shell interfaces (like IContextMenu interface), how register your shell extension on user's system and so on.
Much faster answer Read MSDN!, and this is right answer, because of Microsoft provides enough documentation about this question.
But another solution - don't waste time and ask those, who already learned this problem.
We worked with context menus since first versions of Windows 95 and continue this work untill now, for various purposes, for various projects.
Now we can say that we are able to create Windows Explorer context menu extension for any developers, who need to add this feature into theirs applications.

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